Our Projects

Death Camp

Initiated by Meow Ze Dong, a discourse and practical workshop that accepts proposals open to the topic of death. An annual award will be given to the most unique and potential thinking that revolves around death, a final production is required as the result of the workshop, all mediums and formats are welcome.

Human-Cat Interaction Lab

Initiated by Mimi Shi, the project expects research proposals to be primarily the initiative of researchers who are interested in human-cat relation and interaction. The Foundation will be inclined to consider favorably those applications jointly made by scientists from all over the world with the experience living as a human-cat hybrid, who are undergoing existentialistic crises and exploring the human-cat power field. The initiative will result in capacity building and human-cat resource development.

By exploring opportunities and concerns arising in the near future, and nevertheless more speculative long-term outcomes, as well as taking a special focus on legal and ethical matters that come to the fore with the hybridity with abilities to perceive, learn, reason, and act in the world, Mimi Shi Foundation hosts studies for long-term interdisciplinary research necessary to document, understand, and shape human-cat hybridity interaction which supports human flourishing and democratic ideals. The panel was asked to reflect about the opportunities ahead, as well as to consider uncertainties and potential "rough edges" that might come to the foreground, and to highlight topics that would require additional studies. For potential concerns, the researchers are asked to reflect about the value of proactive efforts to mitigate concerns and to ensure good outcomes.