Our Company

Mimi Shi Co.,Ltd

Mimi Shi Co., Ltd., trading as Mimi Shi Group, was founded by Mimi Shi and Shi Bank, along with Mimi Shi Entertainment Group (MSEG) as well as the non-governmental organization Mimi Shi Foundation. Mimi Shi Co.,Ltd. investments include entertainment, catering, fashion, security, and publications. Mimi Factory is the permanent contract manufacturer of Mimi Shi Co.,Ltd which primarily specializes in garments, publishing, ceramic wares, and temporary architectural construction.

Mimi Shi Entertainment Group (MSEG) has five departments which principally engage in entertainment, media and cultural development business; Mimi Shi Studio specializes in the retail of clothing and accessories; Mimi Film Production which concentrates on film-making; and Artiste Management, which is engaged in artistic career management; Mimi Publications focuses on book publishing; The Catering department, which provides dining experiences.

The diversified businesses of Mimi Shi enable it to become a player across various industries. Furthermore, the interaction and collaboration among business groups have created synergy, enhanced efficiency, reduced costs and achieved resource-sharing, further improving the competitiveness of the Group. The Group has cultivated a corporate culture, which emphasizes close synergy among its various businesses. The Group is proud to have a team that comes from different backgrounds and professions yet able to work closely with one another.

Mimi Shi Lifestyle
Mimi Shi Entertainment Group (MSEG) aims to touch people's hearts and promote Mimi Shi lifestyle in every corner of the world with the goal of contributing to national economic growth and a more affluent life for everyone as a loner. Mimi Shi purposes a possibility of living: to be a stranger in town, a foreigner who attempts an entry to your familiar zone, as a voyeur behind the peephole, an amateur to rehearse your imagination; for an alternative path for your journey.

Mimi Shi Philosophy
Being born in the province of embarrassment as a conjunction between a cat and human being, Mimi Shi inherited from the hybridity of both races, develops the qualities of a solitary hunter and a social actor. Embracing both the human-ness and cat-ness, Mimi Shi never gives up diving through the parodies and prejudices to reach a ground of self-consciousness.

The Mimic tactic, By adapting to a new environment, the Mimic tactic is a study conducted to help us develop our unique method and habit to survive in the jungle.

The International Strategy, By positioning ourselves as an international being, we stay neutral and look forward to opening for a broader market.

Follow your heart, Open up your Imagination and maintain your own authenticity. Embrace your stubbornness and uniqueness.

Keep up with the curiosity, and be a Interdisciplinary player, because hybridity, conjunction and confrontation creates dialogues that enrich our vision.

Profession and perfection, It is set to be our goal to bring our clients the best communication of our ideas.

Design core principle

Mimi Shi is based on four core principles, which remain unchanged to this day:

Accuracy in the process
We try to satisfy each function of the product and attain a harmony of technology and humanity.

Neutrality in the position
We do not orient in any specific group of beings, we are openly accessible.

Honesty of our heart
We embrace the thoughts and feelings of our customers.

Humbleness of our budget
We propose an environmental-friendly manufacture procedure, by proceeding strict selections of material and recycling movements and rejection of over-packaging in order to save the declining resource.

Our Purpose

We are innovating passionately to make a more efficient, environmental-friendly and more customer-friendly life style experience. Our priority and firm commitment is to offer our customers uncompromising quality with a diversity of products and services. We want to promote the Mimi Shi lifestyle, because we believe that all of us deserve personal fulfillment. We believe that self-consciousness is essential for human metamorphosis, we want to enable everyone to do his or her best, and to make our differences a valuable asset.

Proud of Mimi Shi's management for a consuming culture, we aim to bridge ourselves to the customers and create a customized reality for our customers. Proud of our values of respect for customers, people, shareholders, the environment and facts, we are all sharing the adventure for everyone. We want to maintain our humble budget with a self-sustainable and environmental-friendly manufacture process.

In our journey from an autonomous fashion retailer to a diversified conglomerate of listed divisions, Mimi Shi Group has received unstinting support and cooperation from our stakeholders. As such, we are attempting a dialogic relationship between the company and the world. We have always placed people at the centre of our business. We are devoted and committed to establishing good relations with our investors, our clients, our employees as well as different stakeholders in the community. For our investors, we manage our various businesses efficiently in order to bring them attractive returns; for our clients, we keep abreast of the needs of the market and provide superior products and services. Our employees remain one of the most important drivers of the Group's continuous success. The team spirit and camaraderie they exhibit as well as their steadfast loyalty to the Group are among the key advantages that we are extremely proud of. We are committed to fulfilling our corporate social responsibilities, and extending our limited efforts to help people in need.

Mimi Shi Group has its roots in individualized business and constantly looks towards a broader range of customers for business opportunities. From the early years of the world's reform and opening up, the Group has been investing heavily in bigger ranges of productions and a broader market, our businesses there have flourished ever since. We are proud to stand as witness of a major economic power of human recourse. In the future, the Group is looking forward to more business opportunities and dialogic discourses.